The folks at Midwest Autosavers have been working on Vintage VWs since before they were vintage! From 1976 when Dr Darby picked up “The Bug” from his Father, VWs of all sorts have been coming and going. For over 30 years we have been the Midwest’s premier Air Cooled VW authority and have 100’s of satisfied customers in nearly all 50 states, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Europe.

Midwest Autosavers, Inc. was the name we chose for our business back in 2010 when we decided to expand from the old 3 bay shop and offer our services on a much grander scale. The name may have been new but we are certainly not new to keeping your cars or trucks on the road - both new and old. Rest assured, we have been busy not only restoring vintage cars and trucks but also "saving" cars and truck both new and old from the hands of unscrupulous repair shops, untrained mechanics and the scrap yard for almost 40 years. We have since expanded our shop three times and most recently updated our body shop with a new paint booth, better lighting and up to date metal fabrication equipment.

Darby has been restoring vintage Volkswagens and in the automotive industry for over thirty nine years having professional, factory and A.S.E. training and many years of hands on experience. Our team of "Autosavers" have backgrounds with all types of vintage vehicle restoration, modern vehicle repair, collision, paint, metal fabrication, upholstery and much more. From the ground up our paint, upholstery, suspension and mechanical work are outstanding. Our Techs hold Wyoming Tech diplomas, A.S.E. Master certifications, professional paint and collision degrees and work together as a team to bring you the best driving, best looking and most professionally repaired cars and trucks available.

If you are active in the Vintage VW community, you have probably crossed paths with Darby. "Dr.Darby” as he is known is a frequent contributor to many VW message boards, has presented technical seminars at VW events across the country and is an active consultant in today's aftermarket. His Passion for Vintage Vws is far reaching with customers sending him vehicles from almost every state, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Europe.

In addition to his award winning VW restorations, DrDarby has also published articles, technical and trouble shooting manuals and even writes technical copy for some of the biggest names in the Vintage VW industry. Famous for his finesse and flair, "Dr. Darby" can provide just what you are looking for in Vintage VW and Air Cooled Volkswagen know-how. Darby’s “Signature 1776cc” engines have been powering VWs down the road for over 30 years and some of his award winning paint jobs and interiors are still winning after 20 plus years.

It was his ever increasing customer base that pushed Darby to open the larger shop and he sought out some of the finest folks in the industry. Some young and others a little more "mature". The Autosavers team is always on the lookout for a project to put their knowledge and skills to good use. Midwest Autosavers, Inc. and their associates make for a team whose synergy covers all aspects of vehicle maintenance and restoration. From stock to custom, we can craft your car or build you one of ours any way you want.

From a simple oil change to engine rebuilding, from pin striping to a complete paint job, upholstery to convertible tops, rust repair to full on restoration they've got you covered, inside and out. They even most recently, in association with a specialist in automotive air conditioning helped develop a modern air conditioner system for the Vintage Volkswagen community that offers all of the looks of the original accessory systems with none of the headaches. Overheating, power loss and having to downshift more often are things of the past.


Daves Ghia Before Daves Ghia during restoration


Daves Ghia Completed

This is an example of one of our projects. The car started as a nice Ghia, but now sports custom body work, new headlights (Mini-Cooper), shaved body line and license housing, 'nerffed' bumpers painted body color, and all improper repairs uncovered during the restoration were corrected.

If you have a question regarding repair or restoration of your vehicle,

please contact us at:

Midwest Autosavers

155 F Chicago St
Cary, IL 60013


Darby Milnor